Roofline Explained

Roofline is the term applied to the timber or UPVC boarding that is between the roof and the walls of your home. Guttering isalso included in the term Roofline. Roofline was traditionally wooden and properties that are more than twenty five years old will usually have a wooden roofline. The problem with wooden rooflines is they are very high maintenance and will need re-painting every year. They tend to rot easily and when left untreated will lead to multiple problemssuch as damp and possible infestations. UPVC roofline is a much better alternative to the timber choice used before. It is very low maintenance, it doesn’t rot and willnot need to be re-painted.

Here are the different parts that make up a roofline:

Guttering - The half pipe and whole downpipes that collect rain water from the roof edges taking it to drain on the ground below
Bargeboards - Fascia boards that follow gable end rooflines
Fascias - The boarding that the guttering usually fixes to
Cladding - The overlapping planking seen on some homes on walls or in gable ends
Soffits - This is the boarding running right angle to the wall surface. Usually ventilated with mesh covered slots which allows the roof space to breathe.

Virgo Home Improvement’s Roofguard System along with quality UPVC fascia, soffits and gutters provides ventilation to your roof, avoiding damp and preventing it against any infestations of birds or squirrels etc.

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