• The Do's and Dont's of DIY Home Improvement

    • Posted on: 6 April 2016
    • By: admin

    The first ever Big Brother winner Craig Phillips now has a career as a property and DIY expert and has been giving live demonstrations at the Ideal Home Show which ran from 18th March – 3rd April.  He’s been offering some useful advice to home owners whilst at the show and when it comes to DIY he recommends that we shouldn’t overdo it.  Spring is a popular time of year to start on DIY home improvement projects and home DIY retailers are taking advantage of this with advertising campaigns and special offers.  However, Craig warns homeowners not to overdo things.

  • Cleaning Your Gutters and Downpipes

    • Posted on: 5 April 2016
    • By: admin

    The guttering system and downpipes on the exterior of your home are there to do a very important job – they channel the rainwater from the roof (which is a very large surface so it collects a lot of rain) to where it can drain away from the house.  This prevents the sidings, windows, doors and foundations from getting damaged by water and help[s to prevent flooded cellars or basements.  Like any other equipment that we use, your guttering system will only work effectively if it’s maintained and kept in good working order.

  • Don’t Be SAD - Top Tips To Let In The Light

    • Posted on: 4 April 2016
    • By: admin

    Spring has sprung which means that summer is on the way to the relief of all of us here in the UK.  The longer days are a real treat and we’re lucky in Britain that we have some of the longest days in Europe.  The Mediterranean countries further south may enjoy a lot more warmth and sunshine than we do, but it still gets dark in those countries earlier than it does here as they’re closer to the equator.  Sunlight is healthy – it’s the stuff of life for everything on this planet and can make a big difference to the way we feel.  I’m sure you’ve heard of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, of

  • Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Conservatory in Winter

    • Posted on: 1 April 2016
    • By: admin

    While any homeowner knows that a conservatory can make a huge contribution in extending your living space, they may not always live up to your expectations. If you’ve bought a home with a conservatory or had one added to your home, then you may have been surprised to discover that this room can be extremely cold during the winter months, even on days when the sun is shining brightly.