Top Five Climbing Plants for your Conservatory

  • Posted on: 5 May 2016
  • By: admin

Last week we gave you some tips on bringing the garden indoors into your conservatory so over the next few weeks we’re going to take a look at some of the best plants for conservatories.  Today we’re going to concentrate on climbing plants for the conservatory.  Growing climbing plants is a great way of adding a “green wall” and you can use them as room dividers or to screen the windows to add a little privacy to your conservatory.  When choosing plants for the conservatory, always look for plants which are “hard workers” such as evergreens, something that will provide interest and foliage all year round.  The last thing you want in your conservatory is pots of twigs and bare branches in the winter months – you want luxurious looking growth all year round, especially if your conservatory roof features light weight roof tiles which keep your conservatory warmer in winter and allow you to use the room comfortably, even on the coldest days.

Passion Flower – a Passion Flower is a really impressive plant with fabulous flowers which turn into fruits later on, some of which are edible.  Passion flowers will add a really exotic touch, they grow quite quickly and will flower profusely under the right conditions and growing them in a conservatory means that they will overwinter easily and last for years.  If you can’t decide on one particular variety, why not plant a few in one container and let them intertwine to provide a bright and colourful display of flowers.

Jasmine Polyanthum – A jasmine is a great addition with its evergreen leaves and it’s much more likely to survive the UK winter in a conservatory.  It may need a trellis or wire supports or you could pop an obelisk on top of the pot for it to grow on.  Taking care of a jasmine is relatively easy and you’ll be rewarded with a flood of tiny flowers to scent your room.

Stephanotis – If a jasmine doesn’t float your boat, then why not take a look at Stephanotis floribunda?   It has heavily scented tubular white flowers and looks similar to jasmine but with a much headier fragrance.  Some need a trellis or wire support while others grow aerial roots and are self-clinging.  Stephanotis is ideal in a conservatory as it can’t deal with frosts if grown out of doors.  Like jasmine, Stephanotis has evergreen leaves so it won’t look bare in winter. 

Plumbago – This fabulous climber sports beautiful bright blue flowers and needs to be under glass anywhere there is likely to be a frost.  It’s evergreen leaves provides colour and interest throughout the winter months and this fast growing perennial can reach up to 20ft high and 10ft across (you can prune it back quite hard if it shows signs of taking over).

Trachelospermum Asiaticum Tricolour – This plant is also known as Chinese Jasmine and if you’re looking for something to really add the Wow Factor to your conservatory, this is the one for you.  The new leaves are a vivid pink colour, fading to white, then later on to a mottled green and white so it will certainly be a talking point and add oodles of colour to your conservatory.