Taking the Weight out of Slate with Tapco

  • Posted on: 4 May 2016
  • By: admin

Before paper became Slate is a dense, heavy stone, a metamorphic rick formed from an original shale type sedimentary rock that’s composed of clay or volcanic ash.  Sedimentary rocks are formed from layers of particles that settle in place and build up layer by layer.  Slate rock that has been powerfully compressed during its formation can be cut with a specialised tool in the quarry to form smooth, flat sheets of stone which is why it’s so popular as a roofing material.  It can be accurately cut into quite thin layers that are easily cut into regularly shaped tiles. 

so easily and widely available, a piece of slate was often used as a writing tablet – marks can be made with chalk (as on a blackboard) and then rubbed off, leaving the piece of slate ready to be used again.  The phrases “a blank slate” and “a clean slate” come from slate being used for writing and drawing in this way.

When it comes to roofing, slate is water proof and incredibly durable.  It can last for hundreds of years with very little maintenance.  It’s resistant to frost damage, so very unlikely to break due to freezing.  It’s also energy efficient and fire resistant which is one of the reasons it became the material of choice to replace thatched roofs which were very vulnerable to fire.  Thicker slate tiles are great for flooring too, though it gets quite slippery when wet so is better used indoors than outside.

Because slate is fireproof and a good electrical insulator it was used to construct early 20th Century electric switchboards and relay controls for large electric motors.  Fine slate is often used as a whetstone for sharpening knives.  Its chemical inertness and thermal stability means that slate is the material of choice for laboratory benches. 

With so many applications, slate has been mined in prolific quantities throughout history and nowadays it’s becoming a rather expensive choice when it comes to roof tiles.  However, TapcoSlate is an architectural roof tile that brings all the beauty and practicality of slate without the weight or the high prices.  Tapco Slates are lightweight roofing tiles that have been crafted to provide the natural detail of slate, in stunning colours that look like the real thing but have a much lower price tag. 

These lightweight roof tiles are easy to maintain too and come with a 40 year warranty, guaranteeing any home owner peace of mind that they’ve made the right choice when it comes to roofing products.  TapcoSlate tiles are rated for 110 mph wind lift, making them a practical and durable alternative to slate.  They have Class 4 impact resistance and full BBA certification, demonstrating that they are fit for purpose.

Because TapcoSlate tiles are so light they can be used in places where real slate tiles would prove impossible like conservatories.  Because conservatories are usually built without a foundation, until recent years they have been roofed with lightweight corrugated plastic – functional but not particularly great to look at.  Moreover, corrugated plastic roofing means that the room with suffer from too much heat in the summer and be cold during the winter.  Lightweight roof tiles block out the real heat of the midday sun, leaving the conservatory much more bearable to sit in when it’s a sunny day.