The Benefits of Bamboo Furniture in the Conservatory

  • Posted on: 29 April 2016
  • By: admin

Despite the fact that it comes in such long lengths and such a wide circumference, bamboo is not a tree – it’s actually classed as a grass.  This is one reason that bamboo is so popular, so widely available and so much cheaper than timber when it comes to furniture products.  Unlike trees that need to be replaced when they are felled, bamboo regenerates from where it gets chopped off, providing an endless supply of this popular furniture material.  As a grass, bamboo grows very quickly with some species growing as much as 150 feet in just six weeks or so.  Some botanical gardens that feature tropical bamboos will add a pole next to the bamboo where its growth can be marked on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis to demonstrate just how quickly it grows!

Although bamboo is lightweight when compared with timber, it’s widely considered to be stronger than most varieties of hardwood.  It’s been used in Asian countries for centuries for scaffolding, for house building and bridge building because of its strength and durability.  Bamboo can also be laminated into strips and sheets which make it even stronger to ensure a very long life for bamboo furniture, avoiding constant replacement or expensive repairs as it’s able to handle heavy weights and absorb a great deal of impact.

Bamboo, unlike timber, is resistant to both moisture and dryness, meaning it won’t swell due to too much moisture in the atmosphere and it won’t shrink in the heat.  Bamboo can be subjected to fairly extreme weather conditions and still retain its’ strength and durability.  It doesn’t rot and is unlikely to attract termites or other insects that would normally eat wood.

Bamboo furniture is lighter than timber or metal furniture which means it’s much easier to move around and transport.  This makes either cleaning your conservatory or redecorating it a much easier task than if you had to lug heavy timber or metal furniture around.

Despite its strength, bamboo is surprisingly flexible due to its fine grain composition.  This allows it to be moulded and bent into different shapes which is why it’s been so popular for making furniture in a wide range of styles.  Its moisture resisting capability makes bamboo an ideal choice, not just for garden furniture, but for furniture to be used in conservatories, kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

If you’re trying to “tread lightly” and do your bit for the future of the planet, then bamboo is a great environmental choice.  While whole forests are felled to satisfy our lust for lumber to create furniture, bamboo, as we’ve already said, regenerates from the cut stalks meaning there’s no need to plant more to replace what’s been harvested.  It’s a renewable and sustainable source of material for the furniture industry.  Its fast growth cycles means that bamboo soaks up more carbon dioxide than trees as it’s growing which can help reduce global warming.

A conservatory can be a relatively expensive addition to your home but opting for bamboo furnishings means that you can save money in the long term on replacing furniture that just doesn’t go the distance in the same way as bamboo does.