Inside Your Roof

The point where the roof of your home meets the walls of your home is known as The Roofline. Most houses that are over twentyfive years old were probably built using wooden roofline products. If there has been no regular maintenance on these wooden roofline products there could be considerable damage.

The build up of damp caused by inadequate ventilation and poor quality guttering leads to rotting of timber rafters, fascia and soffits which will result in:

  • Damp throughout the home
  • Water leaking into the cavity, this will cause rusty wall ties
  • Birds nesting and other infestations
  • Rotting roof trusses
  • Very little protection from bad weather conditions

The other problem with older properties is asbestos. This is very hazardous and is present in more than two thirds of households. Virgo Home Improvements are in partnership with licensed organisations to remove asbestos safely and legally. Before any installation Virgo’s technical surveyors will take samples ofyour roofline and test for asbestos.

The solution to problems like this does not need to be a complete new roof. By replacing the wooden roofline products with Virgo’s Roofguard System, in addition to quality UPVC fascia, soffits and gutters you will give adequate ventilation to your roof, avoid any damp and prevent against infestation.