GRP Canopies

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester which is sometimes referred to as fibreglass. This material is very versatile and has been around for quite a while.

Originally it was developed to be used by the Royal Air Force and the Navy when building the outer bodies of planes and ships, but when you consider the many advantages of GRP it is clear to see why it is used for canopies:

  • Waterproof and very durable-when you consider how GRP protects the hulls of ships in deep seas and the bodies of planes more than 30,000 feet up there is no concern over it providing enough protection in a canopy
  • GRP is very strong having nearly 7 times the flexible strength of steel
  • Heat resistant-GRP will not buckle or distort in high temperatures
  • Lightweight material-the glass fibres are hollow making them so much lighter than plastic or wood. Installation is so much easier using GRP 
  • Flexibility-the final finish can be made to look like many different textures including tile, timber or stone
  • Cost effective-GRP is very economical and can be cut, glued, vacuum moulded and used in so many different ways which just isn’t possible with other materials
  • Maintenance free-Timber and brick canopies require regular maintenance, painting and varnishing, but all that GRP canopies require is the occasional wash with some soapy water.

GRP canopies will both enhance the appearance of your home and provide some added protection.