Fascia's, Soffits & Gutters

Fascia boards are in such an exposed position they need to be able to withstand all types of weather extremes.

Whilst some fascia boards will go unseen on a house many are noticeable so it is recommended they are checked once a year for any damage. Wooden fascia boards are very vulnerable to water damage which leads to rot and often they will detach themselves from the structure of the roof.

Soffits aren’t something people notice or look at, so quite often damage may go unnoticed for a long period of time making them considerably worse. It is recommended they are checked at least once a year for any signs of damage. Damaged soffits can lead to birds, bats and other unwanted pests nesting in your roof space which will make repair work even bigger and more expensive.

There are several ways soffits can be damaged:

  • Storms and extreme weather - soffits can be blown out in strong winds if allowed to rot or have not been fitted correctly. Water can also be driven in through vented soffits in heavy storms, this can cause internal damage to property
  • Poorly functioning gutters and extreme wet weather can cause certain types of soffit materials to rot
  • Nesting birds and squirrels - if they find an entry point birds and squirrels will make a nest in the space behind a soffit which is why soffits need to be well fitted

Virgo can replace your existing wooden fascia boards with longer lasting UPVC fascias and soffits - giving you peace of mind and the comfort of a ten year guarantee against corrosion and weatherproofing.


The purpose of guttering is to channel rainwater away from the property in order to protect its exterior structure and foundations from damage. Unfortunately when guttering is faulty is can cause exterior walls to become damp and damaged.

UPVC guttering is a good choice with homeowners who are looking to replace old guttering systems. Not only is it stronger, new plastic gutters improve the appearance of the building as well as being good value for money.

When protecting your home from water damage it isn’t just the roof that is vulnerable. Every home should have a high quality drainage system with effective downpipes. It’s the downpipes that protect the house by directing rainwater away from the foundations of the property and draining it away.

Unfortunately this is not always the case and leaking can occur.

The Installation Of Downpipes

The UPVC downpipes that are supplied and fitted by Virgo Home Improvements are high quality durable pipes that will not only give the protection needed from rainwater over the years, but will also continue to look good as the year’s progress.

Downpipe will not rot or discolour which means there is no need for maintenance. We recognise the fact that everyone’s property will have a different look which is why our downpipe is available in a range of colours and styles.

However, having a top quality product is only one consideration. In order for your home to be protected correctly the downpipes must be installed by experts to ensure the pipes perform exceptionally. Our installation teams at Virgo Home improvements have years of experience in this field so you can be assured of the very best service.

Guttering Damage Explained

Exterior walls will become damp and damaged if overflowing water leaking from damaged or blocked gutters is left. If the guttering is not fixed or replaced it can cause major problems to a property such as:

  • Damp above a damp proof course
  • Peeling paint and mould
  • Stains to the exterior decor of the property
  • Crumbling masonry. This will eventually weaken the structure of the building

As with all our products, guttering from Virgo Home Improvements is guaranteed against corrosion and weatherproofing.