Car Ports

For anyone that currently parks outside, having a garage built may be an expense that is just not affordable. Carports however can be just as beneficial as a garage but are a much cheaper option.

They can give the protection a vehicle needs from ice, snow and the harmful rays of the sun, but they have other benefits too:

  • Having a garage built takes time. From the initial survey, planning, building etc. can take months. A carport could be erected within a week saving on time
  • A carport is very versatile and will serve many purposes. For example, if you moved the car out and placed tables and chairs underneath it could make a great outdoor covered area for a family get together or party
  • Having a garage built can cost thousands of pounds. Compare this to the cost of having a carport installed and you will appreciate what excellent value they are..

Virgo Home Improvements have years of experience in supplying and fitting carports to properties across the UK. After consultation we will be able to advise you on the best type of carport for your home.