Bay Window Canopies

GRP bay window canopies have additional benefits when compared to GRP Canopies:

  • Quick to install so can transform a property in no time at all
  • GRP is waterproof so a well fitted bay window canopy will keep your windows protected from the rain
  • Rain can be noisy when lashing against the windows. The canopy above your window bay will reduce this noise considerably
  • When it rains dirt and dust particles get absorbed in the rainfall, when the rain then dries on your windows it leaves a layer of dirt and grime behind. A canopy diverts the rain away from the windows which helps keep them cleaner for longer
  • In the summer it can get quite stuffy when the windows are shut, especially when it rains. Having a bay window canopy above your window will allow you to open the windows slightly and let some fresh air in without the risk of rain pouring through
  • GRP bay window canopies are great value for money, quick to install and add protection, shelter, value and added visual appeal to any property.